320. Politics, a matter of perspective

We are having riots in Spain, or Catalonia, depending on where you sit on Catalonian independence, after Hasel, a rapper, has been imprisoned for crimes including inciting violence and insulting the Spanish crown, in his lyrics and social media. The rioters clamour in defence of freedom of expression, a fundamental right that often nowadays seems to be given prevalence, in the mind of many, over others’ right not to be attacked. I’m following two scientists from the same discipline, whose positions on this issue could not be further apart. Interesting, as they’ve been trained on the scientific method and the need to consider all evidence. However, what for one is black, for the other is white when, in the balance of probability, it is likely grey. This must be an issue of biased sources or, if multiple bilateral sources are being considered, biased evaluation of such sources. When even scientists fall foul of this, imagine the population at large. One of the great challenges of our age

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