321. Legalising illegals

We are hearing that Joe Biden’s administration is planning to legalise 11 million immigrants who currently have no papers. This is a huge decision and it may be met with consternation by many in the US, preoccupied with controlling immigration. However, for those I have some words of comfort, which they will, most likely, ignore. The US, and many other countries, built their prosperity precisely at the time when immigration controls did not exist. Most people don’t realise this, but the World between 1860 and the I World War was a borderless World, where people could freely move between countries, without even a passport. This immigration built the US, providing badly needed labour, entrepreneurship and consumers which fuelled growth. Illegals are a reality, already in the US, in many cases for years, already working on the economy and contributing, as they are needed. The only problem with them is that they are illegal, which is exactly what Biden’s administration seems to want to fix

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