328. The gig economy

I have just taken a look at the Collins dictionary. I was interested in the word gig, defined as a life performance by someone such as a musician or a comedian, synonyms show, performance. The reason for this foray into the dictionary, which I rarely engage in, was the many references I find lately to the gig economy, basically to those without the protections afforded by normal employment, to the self employed, which have become one of the worst affected groups by the lockdown. Plumbers, handymen, drivers for hire and the like. I get the simile to gig performers, who suffer with the same uncertainty and insecurity, but gig is a specific term implying performance of a public nature. I guess politicians prefer to use that somewhat positive connotation than the unsecured or working not employed, which would be more accurate and descriptive. Wait… Politicians… Accurate… Descriptive… I see the problem. I guess insecurity is not great, but thinking you are gigging does make it sound cooler

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