331. The trouble with conservative thinking

The inability of conservatives to run health or education systems, nowhere more apparent than in the UK, may be baffling but it is, in fact, logical. Two insidious ideas sustain conservative thinking. First, success is understood in economic terms, your bank balance a perfect proxy of your productivity and value. Second, lack of success is a choice, due to laziness or lesser morality. Conservatives are ideologically incapable of seeing failure as lack of opportunity (for people) or funding (for systems). Without this most obvious explanation, what is left? Failure by choice. Inefficiency, laziness. Our underpaid, unsuccessful nurses and teachers are lazy and will cheat if possible. The solution? Fill the NHS with unproductive management layers to improve efficiency. Use an algorithm ill designed by consultants to correct for the cheating by our teachers when issuing grades. If you wilfully eliminate the obvious cause of problems, your solutions will appear, and be, wilfully stupid

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