334. The importance of a letter

Many of you may remember the heady days of ‘Clap for the NHS’, the times of the first lockdown, when many regularly came out of their houses to express appreciation for the doctors and nurses on the front of the battle against coronavirus. Health workers, as we call them, were immensely popular and hugely appreciated by our society, happy to dispense with profligacy cheap, empty, rewards. Clapping, after all, is free. The UK Chancellor, a member of the government elected by a majority of those doing the clapping has revealed a meagre pay increase of 1% for health workers, adeptly borrowing the oft repeated slogan and, by changing a letter, delivering ‘Crap for the NHS’. We will soon see whether this, missed real opportunity to show meaningful appreciation, is a government miscalculation or whether the rest of society, the clappers, will shrug their shoulders, get on with paying as little tax as possible, and join the crappers. I hope I am, but do not expect to be, pleasantly surprised

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