336. Your country needs you... to spend your money

Quite a few of you, especially if you are in the UK, will remember the famous poster of a finger pointing, handlebar moustachioed Lord Kitchener, issued by the British Department of War at the start of the WWI, with the message: ‘Your country needs you’. A hugely successful campaign, which has become one of the XX century’s iconic images and which got millions of British recruits to take up arms and leave their lives and physical and mental health in the trenches of Belgium and Northern France. The slogan is being recovered after the biggest economic contraction in 300 years, caused by the pandemic. It turns out that, unable to spend their money, Britons alone (I imagine the same applies elsewhere) have saved over £180Bn. The trouble is, saving can become a habit, just as consuming was, pre-pandemic. So, after years of being told we don’t save enough, now that we finally managed it thanks to an aggressive virus, we are being told to drop it and spend in 1920s fashion, another parallel

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