342. The fear of failure prison

What is fear of failure? That feeling preventing you from doing, or even worse, fully committing to, things you may succeed at. Let’s be clear. You are going to fail. A lot. Unless you do nothing. Failure is the way that you learn to succeed, success being a building built by piling not bricks, but failures on top of each other. The more you fail, the closer to success you get. Many, however, worried they may fail, don’t try, giving up the chance to succeed. Winston Churchill, a pretty successful person by all accounts, told us: ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts’. You will succeed when you throw yourself fully into everything you do, accepting success and failure as possible outcomes, enjoying the former and learning from the latter, to turn it into success. You will be set free, able to realise your full potential only when, as Kipling’s fantastic ‘If’ poem teaches us, you treat success and failure, those two impostors, just the same

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