345. The Brexit zoo and the arrogance of Empire

There is an article in the politics section of British media today about the confusion of British Brexiteers living in Spain finding their existence complicated by the UK leaving the EU, an outcome they voted for. Firstly, Brexiteers living in Spain should be in the Natural History section, not politics. These fascinating creatures are not as unexpected as you think. People who emigrate tend to be more patriotic than those remaining in their country of origin, they see their homeland through rose tinted glasses, away from everyday problems those staying contend with. And British culture, since the Empire, has been one of emigrating without integrating. Brits move abroad for access to farmland (Africa), opportunity to trade with local natural resources and cheap labour (India), or sunshine and sangria (Spain). But they do not integrate, their tradition is remaining staunchly British and mingling amongst their own in their expat clubs, mixing as little as possible with local communities

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