346. Good news... we exist!

I’ve just been through a Kafkian experience, more of the ‘The Trial’ type than the ‘The metamorphosis’ type, two books you must read, if you haven’t. Last week, the company I’ve spent the last 15 years building in Spain, exporting globally, creating high quality employment, paying significant taxes and Social Security fees and achieving a relatively high profile in local and national media, was inspected by the tax office, to ascertain whether we exist or are a shell created to make bogus VAT claims. This is a due to our VAT returns being consistently negative, as most of our revenue comes from exports. The inspector’s verdict, to our relief, is that we do exist. I had no idea how to explain to our 50 team members and their families, had the decision gone the opposite way. Of course, it couldn’t, and that is the difference between our Western reality and Kafka’s universes, created to expose the mindless stupidity bureaucracies are capable of, as just illustrated by our Taxation Ministry

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