349. European Technology Manufacturing

I am both worried and curious about the obvious fact, which I had not really thought about until now, that Europe has no personal computer manufacturing. And, despite a good start in mobile telephony, with Nokia and Ericsson, we also missed the train of smart phones, probably because we were, unlike some of our Far East competitors, respectful of Apple’s patents. 5G seems to tell the same story. These are huge products in today’s World, with the potential to create vast amounts of wealth and prosperity, as well as strategic advantages. I wonder why Europe does not play in this game, what the reasons are for our sitting on the bench, watching the US and the Far East fight it out. I think we lack a common European conscience, still in early development, which drives us to consume European, when possible, in the same way Americans and Asians do. Just remember, when you are next shopping, for trainers, or an electric car, your consumer choices shape global geopolitics

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