350. Stupid artificial deadlines

I think it is time for me to come out. I have decided to, or more accurately been cajoled into, have two fitted wardrobes made for my apartment. It was pointed out to me that there are only so many clothes you can have lying around and, after some resistance born of stubbornness, I agree. We’ve run through the process, had the designers, toed and froed on shelf and drawer placing and finally settled on a design and a supplier. Multiple times during the process we were reminded the amazing discounts offered were only available should we order before tomorrow. This is tiresome and stupid. It is about closing a sale by using one of the oldest techniques in the closer handbook, fear of loss. It is also going through the motions, we all know that artificial deadline will just continue to move, always to… tomorrow. This is why my Skype handle is a Douglas Adams quote: ‘I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by…’ Live your life without fear of artificial deadlines

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