353. The disabled handlebar

I am resorting to Kafka far too much lately, as I did on Twitteretter 346 a few days ago. And here we go again. Let me tell the story. My Spanish company bought new premises five years ago, refurbished them for our activity and applied for an opening license from the local council. Five years later, in which, by the letter of the law, we should have refrained from using our premises, we got the inspection needed to issue the license. And, lo and behold, we failed it, as our disabled toilet was missing a handlebar. Fair enough. We were served notice to fix this within ten days, which we did, providing photographic evidence of our new, shiny handlebar, but failed again, as, from the photo, the council has deduced the bar won’t support the legally required weight, even though it does. We are now searching for an extremely heavy person to photograph standing on it, so we get our license, although that stunt may land us in trouble with Health and Safety. Good job we have nothing else to do

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