339. Is this what Youtube thinks of me?

I’ve gone on Youtube this morning to find myself greeted by an ad in which Nigel Farage is trying to sell me some financial product. I am not sure exactly what, since I did not stay to watch the full advert. Since my observation is that Farage seems to have an aversion for truth and has in my opinion failed to ever communicate honestly, I would by default stay well clear of any financial products he associates with. I am however regretting my haste now, hoping the ad will appear again on a future visit. I failed to understand that it is important, for my future protection, to indeed know which brand thinks it a good idea to use Farage as their front man. This choice, I think, speaks clearly to their values and is a stark warning to anyone considering their products. Having come to this realisation, I am no longer offended by Youtube’s choice of advert, but rather grateful for their convoluted attempt to protect me from entering into the wrong financial relationships

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