361. Like what you are or be what you like

In Twitteretter 340 I split humanity into those who ensure they are happy doing what they have to do, and those who spend their time wishing they could do something else. The same applies to self image. You are a certain way, combination of your genetics, upbringing and habits. You can choose to be happy, or unhappy, with it, be it physique or intellect. It is, again, a simple matter of personal choice. And don’t get me wrong, however happy you manage to be with what you are currently like, this is no reason not to make improvements. It is critical to understand that your being is not a destination, but a journey. Whether you depart from Happy or Unhappy Port, your life will be most productive, and you will be happiest at the end of it, if you sail in a general improvement direction, towards the land of Your Ideal and, when arriving, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde when writing about Utopia, setting off again, to the land of Your Next Ideal. Progress is the realisation of Utopias’ (or ideals)

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