362. The right to unionise

This is a general issue, although the specific events that elicit this post today are the attempt by Amazon workers in Alabama to unionise, strongly resisted by the company, which has even, in a departure from typical corporate behaviour, started to attack politicians such as Sanders and Warren on social media. This argument should not even be happening, but it is, a result of the successful crashing of the Unions by Thatcherism and Reaganism in the 80s. We are coming to the point, as a society, where we have to ask ourselves the question: Do companies exist to serve people, or do people exist to serve companies? The answer is urgent, unbelievable as this may sound. It is high time we return businesses to their place, the service of society at large and of its individual citizens. Otherwise, we risk seeing companies become proxies for arrogant, autocratic CEOs to wield their power on their fellow human beings, well beyond their remit of delivering books or connecting friends

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