367. The right to vote

We have a saying in Spain, ‘no hay dos sin tres’. Something like ‘all things come in threes’. I had to write previously about the rights to unionise and demonstrate. Sadly, the attack on fundamental democratic rights we are experiencing seems to also come in threes, as illustrated by Republican Party efforts in Georgia to restrict the right to vote, in a reaction to inexistent voting fraud the Republicans themselves invented. The challenge with democracy is that it is the only political system that tolerates the use of its institutions by those aiming to destroy it. That is both its unique strength and value, that total inclusiveness, and its biggest weakness, which makes it reliant on protection by its citizens to survive. It is no coincidence all these things are happening simultaneously and perpetrated by the international conservative movement. The attack on our democracy is much more orchestrated and organised than we may think, and it won’t do for us to sleepwalk into its demise

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