369. Here we go, the charisma nonsense has started

It has started, people. This morning I read an article about Sir Keir Starmer’s charisma, or lack of it. The charisma nonsense is the process by which a politician is targeted by the opposing faction of the media, which, irrespective of the actual charisma the politician might have, start writing about his lacking it. Since most voters do not actually meet politicians in person, the media is the way in which they evaluate their charisma and thus the media decide who is charismatic, and hence electable, and who isn’t. Other, in my mind more important qualities, such as honesty, integrity, morality, determination and intellectual acumen seem unimportant by comparison. Don’t panic, Sir Keir. Mess up your hair, awkwardly ride a bicycle, tie your tie too long, lie through your teeth, become corrupt, cheat on your wife and your voters and speak like someone pulled out from the Victorian era. You might, if you do, still win the charisma battle and become acceptable as a Prime Minister

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