372. Are all our brains bipolar?

Since I started my Youtube channel, I have made an interesting observation. If you stop any of my videos, more or less at any point, my expression in the frozen frame is likely to look positively weird. However, when we interact with most people at real World speed, our brain sees normality. Our perception combines a very high number of extremely weird frames to build a completely normal movie. This is an interesting capacity of our brain, particularly if you think about the fact that this is the same brain capable of taking completely normal societal situations and concocting the weirdest conspiracy theories with them, as shown lately by the effect fake news are having on our democratic process. Our brain, therefore, behaves like a bipolar interpreter of reality. A bipolar interpreter is a great premise, in film, for a comedy or a tragedy, and the same, I think applies to reality. It remains to be seen what kind of movie our brains lead us into. Right now, it is hard to be optimistic

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