377. Do I like death this much?

Something pretty disturbing is happening with my Twitter feed and maybe with Twitter’s artificial intelligence altogether. Twitter recommends posts to its users, at least to me, but I like to think they did not introduce that feature just for my benefit. Lately, the majority of tweets which appear in my recommendation notifications are tweets of users sharing a bereavement in their family. People opening their heart to tell the wider World that their father, mother, brother, sister or child has died. These are random people I don’t know or follow. I am not going to write here about the wisdom of sharing such private news on an open media platform, but why does Twitter keep recommending this content to me? Did I, at some point, inadvertently click on a coffin advert? Do I have a fascination with death that I am unaware of but which Twitter’s AI, knowing me, by now, better than I do, is trying to satisfy? It’s not pleasant, but it’s indeed curious, and gives me something to write about

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