384. The World at your fingertips

I grew up in a poor corner of Western Europe, especially then, the Santiago de Compostela of the 1970s. I remember, as a child, watching with wide eyed fascination Wimbledon, the Tour de France, the World Cup, the Olympics, the ATP Masters, the V Nations, the chess World Champs or Vienna’s New Year’s concert. Events I grew up in love with, which, from my provincial perspective, seemed out of reach, confined to the realm of distant television voyeurism. Today, half a life later, I have been, in person, to all of them, at locations all over the World, except the last. Some, several times. And I just bought the tickets for the New Year’s concert. This got me musing about how much smaller the World has become, certainly for me, throughout my life. What seemed impossible in the 70s is now real life. Completely unbeknown to me, of course, this was already reality then for Spanish elites, those of ‘high breeding’, who will, I guess, never experience quite the wonderment that 1970s child does

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Niccy said…
How fabulous, to be able to become an active participant in the events which you have observed from afar.
The New Year's Day concert is something I've enjoyed every year, with my Grandma. With the exception of 2021, we have watched it together. She's 99 now, and I don't know how many more times we will get, which makes the watching from afar all the more precious. I hope one more, at least.
Enjoy being a part of a new memory, enjoy being a part of what made our childhood memories special.

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